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Storage Tanks – Approved for Diesel Oil
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Storage Tanks – Approved for Diesel Oil


Metal tanks Homologated Safe Storage


Approved metal storage tanks:

Supply tank, homologated for diesel fuel storage, with of spill containment with capacity of 100% of the tank volume. Metallic tank, fuel supply container, homologated (DM 31/7/34, Title I No. XVII, DM 19/3/90 and D.M. 12/09/2003) approved by the Ministry of the Interior with Prot. no. 8338/4113 Sub. 189 of 25/05/92 and subsequent updates and extensions.



They are equipped with:

  • Inspection manhole Ø 400 mm with bolted cover and gasket.
  • Ring with 3″ quick load coupling, lockable with padlock.
  • Load limiting valve calibrated to 90% of the geometric capacity of the tank.
  • Breather with flame-retardant net.
  • Level indicator visible from the outside with internal protection tube for the float.
  • Anti-rotation support feet.
  • Bottom discharge for periodic cleaning with safety cap.
  • Raised external suction pipe to allow an ideal decantation of the diesel oil; the suction is equipped with a non-return valve, a filter and a ball valve.
  • Connection point for grounding and equipotential bonding.


Available capacities (in liters) : 490, 1.000, 1.300, 2.400, 3.000, 5.000, 6.000, 7.000, 9.000, 10.000, 12.000, 15.000, 20.000.


Horizontal axis tanks (except mod. 490, which is vertical), cylindrical, built with dished bottoms and calendered carbon steel plate S 235 JR UNI EN 10025, submerged arc welded and then treated with a layer of rustproofing and a layer of green finish enamel; they have undergone watertightness testing.
Spill containment:
It is built in carbon steel S 235 JR UNI EN 10025 with self-supporting bottom frame, fixing, by means of bolts, on the tank feet; suitable to be installed on any terrain (even for permanent assembly).
Made with a capacity equivalent to 100% of the nominal volume of the tank.
Equipped with lifting plates, grounding connection and sleeve with discharge plug; 4 housings suitable for mounting and fixing to the roof uprights. Protected with anti-corrosion coating and enamel finish coat.
From the 5,000 l version and above, anti-slip steps and laminated sheet metal support surface with safety handrail are provided to facilitate the passage to the manhole.



Supply cabinet:

  • Powder coated metal cabinet provided with key lock.
  • Electric panel housed in a specific box with IP 55 protection degree equipped with switch, emergency button and “minimum level pump blocking” management.
  • Self-priming electric vane pump with self-priming, capacity 50-70-90 l/min, built-in by-pass and line filter, connected to a 230 V single-phase or 400 V three-phase electric motor (also available in the version with manual pump TF/M).
  • Non-commercial use liter meter with resettable partial and progressive totalizer (exempted from metric check on the basis of Circ. Min. no. 67 of 25.7.96).
  • 4 m of antistatic rubber tubing equipped with automatic gun.


Models – Diesel fuel dispensers integrated with management systems:

  • TF/GLM-C : ES PUMP line, private use dispenser equipped with MC Electronic Head, for fast and accurate deliveries; can only be used by authorized personnel (max. 80 user codes) with local memory of the last 200 deliveries made, allowing control of the liters delivered.
  • TF/GLM-E : ES PUMP line dispenser for private use equipped with FM Electronic Head, for fast and accurate dispensing; can only be used by authorized personnel (max. 120 users) with local memory of the last 200 dispenses, allowing control of the liters dispensed.
  • CVTV : Integrated control and supply system – Fuel dispenser for diesel fuel approved by the Ministry of the Interior (Approval for type “C” fuels no. DCPST/A7/10000/AT/09189 of 19/09/2008) combined with the Amico 2002 TAG On-line system and the Emiltouch system.
  • TF/SS-FM: dispenser for private use equipped with FM Electronic Head, for fast and accurate dispensing; can only be used by authorized personnel (max. 120 users) with local memory of the last 200 dispenses, allowing the control of the liters dispensed.


Applicable and combinable refueling management and control systems:

Complete and cost-effective systems for the management of private vehicle fleets dedicated to fueling. Safe and reliable solutions for the control of fuel supply in automatic mode, 24 hours a day, every day of the week.
These systems can be combined with supply groups equipped with pulser version liter counters.
  • EMILTOUCH – System based on a Windows CE operating system, consisting of a touch screen with 8″ display, TAG reader, GPRS module, I/0 card and power supply module. The system is prepared for connections via LAN, GPRS, as well as data download via TAG.
  • AMICO 2002 – Amico 2002 CARD and TAG are available in the following versions: basic – via cable – Online.
  • AMICO 2002 TAG, with access key to the system containing a programmable contactless chip, radiomagnetic waves, which is read and encoded by simply bringing it close to the reader and guarantees optimal operation even in very dirty or dusty environments.
  • MC BOX Electronic control panel – The MC system consists of a multi-user panel, specific software and accessories for PC connection. It controls fuel consumption for private use, by means of supply groups with pump and liter meter. Available in 12 or 24 V or 230 V.

Optional accessories:

  • OCIO – System for uninterrupted liquid level management in tanks (including buried tanks). Accurate and simple installation. OCIO allows to see the fuel level. This system is composed of a tube for static pressure detection and a control unit equipped with software to manage and define alarms, level indication and unit of measurement.
  • ES-LEVEL – Innovative high-precision magnetostrictive modular probe for fuel level control in tanks. It has the triple function of level indicator, switch and transmitter and other functions such as: control of water in the tank, visual alarms, temperature sensors (optional).
  • TANK BOX – Box constructed entirely of corrugated galvanized sheet metal with prominent ribbing, made to increase the protection of these tanks. Extremely easy and fast assembly.
  • PIPE ROLLERS – Made of STAINLESS STEEL AISI 304 or painted carbon steel, they are ideal for medium distance uses for pipe Ø 1″ or 3/4″. They are equipped with end stop, swivel joint and sealing gaskets.
  • FILTERS – Wide range of filtration systems both to remove solid contaminants and to separate and remove water present in the fuel.
  • OIL FUEL CONTAINER – Containers approved by the Ministry of the Interior for category “C”” flammable liquids, fuel and lubricant, for maximum capacity of 9,000 l.

Certificates attached:

  • Use and maintenance manual.
  • Declaration of conformity with copy of the Ministerial Approval and copy of the D.M. of March 19, 1990.
  • EC Declaration of Conformity of the supply units
  • Certificate of TESTING
  • Calibration centimeter table.