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Sontara Disposable Cloths

Cloths / Disposable Wipes. Ideal for the food sector. Does not shed lint. Contains no binders or chemicals.


Sontara® fabrics are made using proprietary non-woven technology, the essence of which is a hydraulic interlacing process. To make these disposable cloths, high-velocity jets of water are used to intertwine polyester and pulp fibers to form a very strong absorbent web.

Unlike many nonwoven materials, Sontara® contains no binders, chemicals, or adhesives. It has excellent absorption power and mechanical resistance, and since the fibers are washed during the manufacturing process, they hardly release fluff. So they are ideal to fight Coronavirus.

Thanks to these unique characteristics, Sontara® is ideal for all the cleaning needs of a quality-conscious user.

A disposable cloth that guarantees maximum hygiene:

With excellent overall performance, Sontara® technology technical cloths have the strength of tissue, the absorbency of paper and a surprisingly soft and pleasant touch that makes them unique.

Más versátiles, más duraderas, más económicas que el papel.


Wet, dry or damp, Sontara® cloths are more versatile than rags, stronger and more durable than paper and excellent value for money. Purity and lint-free for contamination-free cleaning.
Sontara® wipes are low-linting compared to paper and other wipe materials.

In addition, they are chemically pure and do not contain any of the additives or binders present in most non-woven cloths and which could contaminate the surfaces to be cleaned.

They do not contain silicone and are perfectly suitable for surface preparation tasks before painting or applying coatings. Nor do they have a detergent treatment -which is usually applied to modify the absorbent properties of conventional cloths- hence they provide, to the quality-sensitive user, a safer cleaning, without the risk of contamination by the cloth used.

Excellent absorption of water, oil or solvents for a more effective and higher quality cleaning
Sontara® wipes can absorb four to six times their weight in water; They absorb oil and solvents very easily and also give excellent performance when used dry.


Sontara Absorbent Cloth
Product Dimensions (mm) Grammage Format Colour
Sontara 305 x 380 77 400 Turquoise
Sontara AP 320 x 420 80 500 Turquoise
Sontara L 320 x 420 53 500 Turquoise
Sontara ML 260 x 380 53 400 Turquoise
EC FLAT 305 x 305 77 100 Turquoise
Sontara LD 220 x 370 53 270 Turquoise

Excellent solvent resistance

Sontara® disposable wipes resist methyl ethyl ketone, isopropyl alcohol and other solvents and cleaning agents without breaking down.
Resistant durable and economical. In repeated tests, Sontara® cloths have proven to be the most resistant, both wet and dry. High pressure hydraulic entanglement creates a material with high inherent mechanical strength and high abrasion resistance. Consequently, it does not tear or fall apart. Even in intense uses
With solvents, Sontara® lasts longer, performs better and offers excellent value for money.

Consistent high quality you can count on

Sontara® materials do not contain chemical additives since only high purity water is used in the fabrication, made of cellulose and synthetic fibers. Unlike conventional rags, there are no surprises. Box after box and squeegee after squeegee, you will always have a new squeegee with the same quality level.
Sontara® disposable cloths are manufactured with the most advanced technology and process and quality control systems, in facilities that enjoy the ISO 9002 certificate. This guarantees the end user the best quality and consistency in performance.