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Quick deployment container
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Quick deployment container

ISO pattern 20' or 40'. To store complete kit. Up to 600m of booms. Ideal for port areas.


For storage of the complete kit. We have 20′ or 40′ ISO standard containers configured to individual specifications.
They are designed to hold up to 600 m of booms with reels or horizontal storage racks, oil skimmers, storage tanks, absorbents, hoses, as well as all the necessary equipment.

Standard size table:


The perfect storage for your emergency materials:

Cargo container for the storage of various items needed in the event of a spill or contamination emergency. These are watertight units that protect the materials from the weather and are manufactured in accordance with ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards, namely ISO-668;2 for this reason, they are also known as ISO containers.

Easy to transport from one location to another, they are the storage solution where there is no warehouse. Available with side or front doors, depending on the need. Made of sheet metal with anti-corrosion treatment. The dimensions of the container are standardized to facilitate handling.

The inside of the container has a special anti-humidity coating to avoid humidity during the trip. Another characteristic of the containers is the presence, in each of their corners, of twist-lock housings, which allow them to be hooked by special cranes, as well as their lashing both on ships and trucks.

The 6-foot (1.98-meter) sea container is the smallest in the fleet, weighing only 450 kg.

Like the 10-foot and 8-foot sea containers, they are ideal for use as security storage because they are very robust.

The 6-foot sea container has two great advantages: Its size allows it to be placed anywhere and because it is smaller than the other containers it fits inside them. This means that you can transport it inside another container or store it inside another container if you are not using it, so you can save on transportation and space when you are not using them.

It is possible to put the 6′ sea container inside an 8′ sea container and the 8′ sea container inside a 10′ sea container.