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Phytosanitary Mini-Cabinet – Safety
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Phytosanitary Mini-Cabinet – Safety

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Internal use. According to regulations. Self-supporting safety cabinet. Highly resistant galvanized sheet.


Small phytosanitary cabinet:

Suitable for storage of insecticides, fungicides, bactericides with total security.

Self-supporting cabinet made of galvanized sheet, manufactured according to the law of storage of phytosanitary products. With double front door and anti-corrosion treatment, with high resistance paint to washing and disinfection, green color. It has four shelves of perforated galvanized sheet metal and a removable spill containment tray.

It also includes signage for toxic, harmful and corrosive products.

Main characteristics:

  • Cabinet designed and realized with a self-supporting and resistant structure made of 12/10 mm thick galvanized sheet.
  • Double front door.
  • Retractable handle with lock and key, three-point vertical bar locking.
  • Anti-corrosion treatment of the doors and finished with powder-based paints, highly resistant to washing and disinfection; finish color green ral 6011.
  • Ventilation flap slots (side and top).
  • Four internal shelves (standard Securfito model) or two internal shelves (Minisecurfito model), in perforated galvanized sheet metal, adjustable in height, with removable spill containment tray.
  • Signs for toxic, harmful and corrosive products.


Phytosanitary Mini-Cabinet
Product Ref. Dimensions Shelves
Small cabinet fito
FITOERGL8 1000X 500X 1200 mm



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