PE Retention Cabinet
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PE Retention Cabinet

100% High Desity rotomolded polyethylene. With UV stabilizer. Various sizes and capacity.


Locking cabinets with spill containment
Product Ref. Dimensions Retention Capacity
Cabinet with 2 shelves PAS1 530 x 420 970 mm 30 L.
Cabinet with 3 shelves PAS2 650 x 570 x 1645 mm 70 L.
Green cabinet without shelves CP1 915 x 710 x 1830 mm 250 L.
Blue cabinet with one shelf CP1S 915 x 710 x 1830 mm 250 L.
Yellow cabinet with one shelf CP3 915 x 710 x 1510 mm 100 L.


Cabinet with built-in spill containment:

Medium density rotomolded polyethylene cabinet, designed for the storage of small containers.
Available with lock and spill containment. Ideal for protected storage of corrosive products.

It has non-height adjustable shelves and spill containment grid.
Lightweight, UV stabilized and robust. Easy to clean thanks to removable PE grids.