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Flat Containment Boom
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Flat Containment Boom

High Quality PVC Supplied in 25m lengths. High resistance to abrasion


Las barreras de contención planas de Inteco Astur están compuestas por flotadores rectangulares de espuma de polietileno de células cerradas. Son ligeras y tienen un movimiento longitudinal flexible, lo que las hace especialmente recomendables para su uso en aguas tranquilas como puertos, costas protegidas o ríos.

Modelos disponibles: (para otras medidas consultar)
Ref Aplication Total height (mm) Freeboard (mm) Fretwork (mm) Section length (m) Connection between sections* Operational temperature ºC Fabric
FB 500 Calm waters 500 210 290 25 ASTM or Norwegian Connection -30°C a +70°C Marine grade PVC coated polyester
FB 750 750 270 480 25
FB 1000 1000 350 650 25

They are made of high quality PVC coated polyester fabric.

It is a very strong and light material with high resistance to abrasion and wear. This makes them practically unalterable against atmospheric effects, hydrocarbons, chemicals or detergents.

Parts of the boom:

These booms are built in 25 meter long sections.

Each of the sections is composed of 22 independent chambers of 1.20 x 0.50 meters in length.
The 25 meter sections are joined together by means of an ASTM type quick connection, extruded aluminum resistant to the marine environment. ASTM quick connectors allow handling without the use of tools, such as screws or other loose components.


ASTM quick connectors (or Norwegian connection)

Booms supplied on reel are already connected together, if ordered without reel, the connection processes will be as follows:

The connectors commonly used to join the boom sections together are profiles constructed of extruded naval grade aluminum. These profiles are designed in such a way that when joined together they are perfectly assembled allowing a seal between the boom sections very useful against possible spills.

Assembly instructions:

1- Perfectly assemble one ASTM profile with the other.
2- Insert the automatic pins through the corresponding holes on the profiles so that both profiles are pressed together at all times.


Containment and sweeping system:

Marine booms are specially designed to perform containment work when pollutant spills occur in the seas.
The containment function is the system used to confine the waste in a certain area to protect the required areas from a polluting spill outside the enclosed area. In this way the booms adopt a static function by remaining fixed to the seabed by means of anchoring equipment.

To anchor the booms, it is recommended to connect the anchoring equipment to the ballast chain. At the bottom of the boom, sections are left with the chain exposed to facilitate anchoring of the anchoring equipment.


Stowage of booms:

For the stowage of booms, Inteco Astur recommends the use of reels with hydraulic system and the use of anti-wear mats.

Instructions for use:

To perform the boom stowage maneuver, the participation of 3 operators is recommended.
Spread the protective anti-wear mat along the entire surface where the stowage maneuver is to be performed. This will help protect the boom fabric.
Attach the end of the boom to the appropriate hook on the reel and rotate the drum so that the boom rolls up the top of the drum.
Attach the other end of the boom to the towing boat.
Pick up the boom by rotating the drum at a slow speed so that the boom rolls up evenly.
At the end of the stowage, the tow line should be wrapped around the boom in order to tighten the entire boom.
Finally, the reel should be covered with a protective cover to prevent UV rays from deteriorating the fabric.


Collection and cleaning of booms:

A correct maintenance of the booms is essential to guarantee their long-lasting use.

Collection of booms:

– It is recommended to clean the booms after each use, both from salt and from hydrocarbons and solvents. Prolonged contact of PVC with these compounds deteriorates the fabric causing the boom to stiffen.
– The booms should always be kept well ventilated. If the boom is stored inside a container, the container should be fitted with ventilation grills on the top for optimum air circulation.
– If the boom is stored on a reel outdoors, it should be provided with a cover to protect it from weather agents.

Cleaning of booms:

It is very important to proceed with the cleaning of the booms in the shortest possible time. The necessary equipment to carry out this process are:

  1. Pressurized water machine
  2. Fresh water
  3. Soft brushes
  4. Neutral detergents
  5. Containment systems and absorbents

When applying the detergent on the boom, it should be left to act for the time recommended by the manufacturer. Then it is rinsed with the pressurized water machine at warm temperature, taking into account that the distance at which it is done does not exceed 50 cm so that the force of the water does not deteriorate the fabric. Afterwards, we always use a soft brush as a complement to the pressure washer.

Technical characteristics

Use Ports, protected coasts, rivers
Total height (mm) 450 750 1000
Freeboard (mm) 200 250 300
Fretwork (mm) 250 500 700
Section length (m) 25
Connection between sections ASTM standard quick connectors
Color Orange
Type of fabric Skirt PVC-coated polyester
Reinforcements PVC-coated polyester
Boom PVC-coated polyester
Floats PVC-coated polyester
Fabric density (g/m2) Skirt 1300
Reinforcements 2600/3900
Boom 1300
Independent chambers 1.2 1.2 1.2
Weight [Kg/m] 2 3.7 5.9
Ballast Galvanized steel chain


Galvanized steel chain


Galvanized steel chain


Ballast weight [Kg/m] 1.2 2.1 2.7
Lower tension element resistance (chain) [kN] 86 136 212
Upper/central tensile element resistance [kN] 60
Total tensile strength [kN] 100 200 230
Strength of construction material [N/50 mm] 7000
Tear resistance [N] 900
Storage volume [m3/m] 0.02 0.028 0.038
Maximum towing speed [knots]. 6
Staff required 3
Storage, deployment and picking Manual/Reel