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Container 1,000 liters – Sulo

High capacity. Highly customizable. Eco and accessible design. Spouts for selective collection. Soundproofing systems. 100% Recyclable.


Large size garbage can, capacity of 1,000 liters:

The raw material with which these 1,000 L. trash cans are manufactured is high density polyethylene, meeting the best conditions of fluidity, with great resistance.

Large capacity garbage cans manufactured with 100% recyclable materials:

The buckets are manufactured by the injection molding technique, using high density polyethylene (HDPE). They are manufactured by injection in a monocoque mold, which makes it possible to manufacture the whole body in one piece, without adding rivets.

Ergonomic lid: peripheral intakes for easier opening. Turned and structured tank faces for better rigidity. Lid shape designed to avoid retention of rain and wash water.
Handling and safety: grips to facilitate garbage collection, meeting the requirements of labor legislation and European standards.
The container consists of two parts: the body and the lid. The connection between the two parts is made by means of two hinges. The outer part of the lid is practically smooth and convex, so it does not retain dirt and water when washed.


Lighter and more practical garbage can lid:

The technology used in the manufacture of the lid allows it to be light and flexible increasing its performance against the continuous lifting of garbage trucks. The inside of the body has smooth and rounded walls, thus avoiding the accumulation of waste.


Mechanical emptying of the bucket:

The bucket has four rubber wheels, two of them with brakes, which facilitate its displacement. The position of the handles and wheels are designed for comfortable handling, facilitating its use and mobility.
These containers can be mechanically emptied on waste collection trucks equipped with lifting systems.
Lockable lid with lock, bolt or latch lock.


Accessibility of the bin:

The bucket may have a special mouth so that persons with reduced mobility can deposit waste as easily as possible.
The diameter of the inlet shall be 300 mm and shall have a rubber stopper.

In addition, to facilitate the deposit of waste, the container can be equipped with a pedal and side handle.
To complete this model, reliefs representing the fraction of waste to be deposited in the spill containment can be incorporated on the front of the container, on the user’s side. These 5 mm thick reliefs help blind people to identify the type of container. Thanks to their black color contrasted with the white background color, they also allow people with visual impairments to identify the garbage cans.


More eco-friendly waste bins.

Like the entire range of Sulo waste garbage cans we have, these correspond to an ecological design that responds to the idea of designing products for a better and cleaner planet, the circular economy.

And what does the circular economy consist of in the case of a trash can?

The raw material from which our waste bins are made is recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE), which can reach 100% recycled material, of which up to a maximum of 60% can come from household packaging (caps, containers, tetrabricks ….).
The rest of the recycled material comes from used containers collected from municipalities, companies and other industrial sources. Containers that at the end of their life cycle become resources.
These containers are proof of the effectiveness of separation and the reality of recycling. They give meaning to selective collection and are no longer simple containers, but become key players in the circular economy.



Large size garbage recycling garbage cans
Products Ref. Capacity(liters) Dimensions Wheels
Garbage container 1000L PP1000 1.000 L. 1295 x 1265 x 1070 mm 4
Garbage container 800L PP800 800 L. 1320 x 1265 x 775 mm 4



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