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Anti-Turbidity Containment Boom
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Anti-Turbidity Containment Boom

They prevent water turbidity. Boom with extra draft. Stretches of 25m. High durability and resistance.


Sediment containment booms, mainly used in dredging, earthworks, works in ports, rivers, lakes or reservoirs. They prevent the dispersion of pollution and water turbidity. They are manufactured with closed cell polyethylene foam floats coated with highly resistant PVC.


Available models: (for other sizes please consult us)
Ref Aplication Total height (mm) Freeboard (mm) Fretwork (mm) Section length (m) Connection between sections* Operational temperature ºC Fabric
SB 650 (CB650 + geotextil) Protected waters, dredging, offshore works 3120 o 5620 220 400 mm PVC + geotextil 2500 mm, 5000 mm 25 ASTM or Norwegian Connection 0°C a +60°C Marine grade PVC coated polyester
SB 850 (CB850 + geotextil) 3350 o 5850 350 500 mm PVC + geotextil 2500 mm, 5000 mm 25


The boom is provided with an extra draught composed of a filtering material that helps to contain the sediments (the draught can be of different sizes according to the customer’s needs).