Absorbent Sheets for Maintenance
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Absorbent Sheets for Maintenance

High oil absorption. Absorbs water. Safety against spills.


Absorbents for industrial maintenance work.

In case of spills of the following substances such as hydrocarbons and derivatives, coolant liquids, drilling oils, etc. These types of absorbents do absorb water.

Absorbent sheets for common products such as oils and resins, for the recovery of areas impregnated with this type of product. They have the same use as the absorbent sheets for hydrocarbons, the difference is that the gray range does absorb water, so it is not advisable to absorb a spill in an aquatic environment but any other.

Especially suitable for mechanical workshops, protection of floors and passageways, to prevent dripping from machines and to carry out maintenance work efficiently.

Sheets, suitable for covering small surfaces (for larger surfaces, Absorbent Maintenance Rolls are recommended). This format has the advantage of making the best use of the material, being able to protect work surfaces such as a work table from drips and stains.


  • To protect small surfaces from drips or humidities.
  • Collect spills of oily substances and water.
  • Made of 100% polypropylene. Chemically inert absorbents.
  • They are safe for the environment and for people.


Gray range of absorbents for all types of liquids:

The Absorbents of the gray range are for maintenance, recovery of stained areas of a great variety of liquids and substances. Their very high absorption capacity makes this line very efficient and economical for the collection and disposal of spilled liquids. All absorbents are safe for use, as they are chemically inert. The big difference with the white range of absorbents for hydrocarbons is that the white ones do not absorb water, being very practical for decontamination of spills in water.

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