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Absorbent Pack Cabinet – With dispenser and wheels – General Use
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Absorbent Pack Cabinet – With dispenser and wheels – General Use

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High oil absorption. Absorbs water. Safety against spills. More comfortable and economical. 100% Polypropylene.


Cabinet with absorbents for industrial maintenance work.

In case of spills of the following substances such as hydrocarbons and derivatives, coolant liquids, drilling oils, etc. These types of absorbents do absorb water.

Kit cabinet: this is a cabinet with an absorbent roll dispenser to facilitate cleaning and decontamination of the environment. It has several shelves and locking system. It also has wheels for transport to the spill site.

Components included with this practical cabinet kit, which is very easy to clean and you can find all formats of absorbents in place, so that in the event of a spill, you won’t waste a second looking for each element:

Roll: 1 (40 cm x 40 m)
Sheets: 100
Tubulars: 12 (8 x 120 cm)
Pillows: 5
Pair of gloves: 1
Glasses: 1
Bags: 4



Gray range of absorbents for all types of liquids:

Absorbents of the gray range are for maintenance, recovery of stained areas from a wide variety of liquids and substances.
This range is composed of 100% polypropylene absorbent fibers. Their very high absorption capacity makes this line very efficient and economical for the collection and disposal of spilled liquids. All absorbents are safe for use, as they are chemically inert. The big difference with the white range of absorbents for hydrocarbons is that the white ones do not absorb water, being very practical for decontamination of spills in water.

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