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Who we are


Who we are

About IntecoAstur

Posted on 19/11/2015

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Our advice to industry looking for guidelines for the proper choice of treatment to be applied in the recovery projects of their environment. In the next step our client requests the development and implementation of the project after agreeing earlier decision.

In Urgent Intervention Service quickly and effectively in minimizing environmental damage caused by accidents of dangerous goods in all areas is provided.

Among the developed maintenance work is the prevention and control of industrial spills and soil treatment to prevent infiltration to basements and others, as well as the prevention and control of discharges to the monitoring of pipelines, treatment systems and points discharge into waterways, port areas or public collectors.

In our line of manufacturing and distribution, we try to transfer the knowledge acquired in other activities, seeking to resolve and improve the problems encountered in the various projects, and then we provide all our customers.

Our jobs are supported by a broad and multidisciplinary technical team, formed by: engineers, biologists, chemists, Bachelor of Marine Science, Directors of Transportation (Transport Safety of Dangerous Goods),…

After more than 15 years providing solutions to environmental problems we have gained wide experience and our work is supported by the trust of customers leaders in their sector as well as the accreditation of System Integrated Quality and Environment under the ISO 9001/2008, ISO 14001/2004 and OHSAS 18001/2007.