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Safety Adviser

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Posted on 19/11/2015

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According to RD 97/2014, all companies that perform activities relating to loading, transporting or unloading of dangerous goods must appoint at least one safety adviser.

Companies that are required to employ a Safety Adviser must appoint the said adviser and register him/her with the autonomous community where the company has its headquarters. Inteco Astur assumes the duties of the Safety Adviser and, therefore, the company outsources the service. Other functions of the Security Adviser include:

  • Initial and subsequent visits, issuing the relevant reports.
  • Inspect the company’s compliance with applicable regulations governing the transport, loading and unloading of dangerous goods.
  • Provide the company with advice on operations involving the transport, loading and unloading of dangerous goods.
  • Write an annual report addressed to the company’s management on activities relating to the transport, loading and unloading of dangerous goods.
  • In the case of an accident or incident at the facilities involving the reception or shipping of dangerous goods, the Safety Adviser will be available to solve the said incident.


Inteco Astur uses a computer application designed for this purpose, which includes a database of all hazardous goods and waste products to manage activities related to the loading, transport and unloading of dangerous godos.