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Maximum cleaning with Sontara technology:

Sontara® fabrics are made using proprietary non-woven technology, the essence of which is a hydraulic interlocking process. High-speed water jets are used to interlace polyester and pulp fibres to form a highly resistant absorbent weft.

No additives that affect quality:

Sontara® does not contain binders, chemicals or adhesives. It has excellent absorption power and mechanical resistance, and as the fibres are washed during the manufacturing process, they hardly give off any lint. This makes Sontara® ideal for all the cleaning needs of a quality-sensitive user.

A unique and completely different cloth, a disposable cloth.

With excellent overall performance, Sontara® technology disposable wipes have the strength of fabric, the absorbent power of paper and a surprisingly soft and pleasant feel that makes them unique.

✅ Wet or dry, Sontara® wipes are more versatile than rags, stronger and more durable than paper and excellent value for money.

Disposable wipes, cleaning without contamination:

They do not contain silicone and are perfectly indicated for surface preparation tasks before painting or applying coatings. They also do not have a detergent treatment - which is usually applied to modify the absorbent properties of conventional cloths - so they provide safer cleaning, with no risk of contamination from the cloth used.

Maximum hygiene guaranteed with our disposable wipes

When it comes to extreme cleaning, where maximum hygiene is not an option, Sontara offers its range of special cleaning cloths for the hospital sector. Also suitable for Clean Rooms of category ISO9 to ISO5.

  • They do not contaminate the surface to be cleaned.
  • Chemically pure.
  • Without additives or binders.
Designed to improve performance in the healthcare sector:

Sontara technology is intended for disinfection, cleaning and hygiene tasks in healthcare environments, such as clinics, dental clinics, veterinary clinics, hospitals, operating rooms, laboratories, pharmacies, pharmaceutical laboratories, clean rooms, etc.

More information in our Downloadable brochure Sontara Hospital Sector