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Characteristics of Mineral Absorbents:

Absorbents are substances or materials that have the ability to absorb a liquid substance and are used in spills or spills of polluting products for the environment. They are for: water, oil, greases, lubricants, hydrocarbons, acid, etc.

For a long time the best known and most widely used absorbent has been sepiolite, although there are several types of absorbents according to the spilled substance and the environment, according to their material they are divided into polypropylene absorbents or mineral absorbents.

In mineral absorbents we can include Sepiolite and Diatomaceous earth. These types of absorbents are mainly recommended to collect large amounts of liquid.

Main features:

  • Great potential for absorption
  • They are economic and safe, both for people and for the environment
  • Very effective in terms of absorption
  • One of its best known properties is the great absorption capacity due in large part to its porosity, as if it were a sponge.

Multiple uses:

What sepiolite is used for: this mineral is used for absorbents (liquids, greases ...), in construction, the aeronautical sector, motors, agricultural machinery, biotechnology, waste transportation companies, civil construction, mechanics, road maintenance, absorption of hydrocarbons in gas stations, meat and maritime industries.