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We have all kinds of Industrial Absorbents

Absorbents are substances or materials that have the capacity to absorb a liquid substance and are used in spills or discharges of products that pollute the environment; such as oils, hydrocarbons, fuels, used oils, chemical products such as naphthalene, acenaphthene, acenaphthene, fluorine, phenanthrene, anthracene, fluoranthene, pyrene, benzo(a)anthracene, chrysene, benzo(b)fluorene, benzo(k)fluorene, benzo(a)pyrene, indeno, pyrene, dibenzo(ah)anthracene and benzo(ghi)perylene.

Despite the fact that the most commonly known absorbent is sepiolite, there are different types of absorbents depending on the substance poured (polypropylene absorbents and granulated mineral).

Polypropylene absorbers are designed to absorb fluids such as oil, hydrocarbons or chemicals. They can be used regularly during greasing or cleaning operations of machinery, as a preventive measure, or in cases of emergency.

Among the granulated mineral absorbents are sepiolite and diatomaceous earth. Sepiolite is a mineral-based absorbent, non-toxic and non-combustible, economical and easy to use. And diatoms, which are also of mineral origin, can be used for any chemical product (except HF).

Different formats for every need.

Depending on the amount of substance spilled, you must use different formats of absorbents. It is recommended to enclose the spill or stain with an absorbent sock so that it does not spread further, then absorb what is inside with pre-cut sheets and rolls or with pillows if it is a significant quantity.

The rolls , also called blanket due to its dimensions, have pre-cuts for greater comfort of use. They are recommended for corridors, walkways or floor protection under dripping machines.

Pre-cut sheets are also very useful for protecting small areas (work tables).

For the prevention of a spill into the sea, rivers, reservoirs, manholes, ponds, dams, etc., we have the booms.  These are placed forming a fence that collects polluting substances that can be accidentally spilled.

Absorbent Emergency Kits

But as a most recommended solution is to purchase a Spill Kit, that offers you different formats in the same container (light bags, boxes with wheels, cabinet with dispenser, containers, etc.). So in the same space you have everything you need. In addition to absorbents, it includes glasses, gloves, bags, etc., depending on the model, and placed to reduce reaction times, a fundamental factor when you face a major and / or dangerous spill. In Inteco Astur we design the kit you need, taking into account the substances you work with, the quantities and the danger.

Mineral or Polypropylene Absorbent. What is the cheapest absorbent?

Polypropylene (PP) absorbents are cheaper, even though their price is higher than that of sepiolite. Because sepiolite and other granulated mineral absorbents have a lower absorption capacity than polypropylene.

As more absorbent is needed to collect the same litres of spilled substance, the management of the resulting waste becomes more expensive. So, throughout the process, polypropylene is more efficient and economical.