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Absorbents for hydrocarbon and oil spills, for general use and resistant to chemical products.

We have several types of absorbent; Granulated and Polypropylene.  Although both are necessary to control a spill, for general use the absorbent manufactured with polypropylene (PP) fibers is more efficient although, from the start it has a higher cost, this is due to the difference in the cost of management as waste.

Absorbent Emergency Kits are the most comfortable option when faced with a spill.

They contain absorbents of various formats, to facilitate their use in case of accidental spillage. In bags, watertight boxes, cabinets or containers, with or without wheels. All the absorbent formats you may need, in one place, stored and accessible to act quickly and effectively in case of spillage or leakage.

Customized kits: we can design the kit according to your needs.

Polyethylene Retention Spill Pallet.

Our wide range of products manufactured in rotomolded high and medium density polyethylene (PE) with UV stabilizers.

They are light, robust, durable and compatible with a wide variety of chemicals. Many options according to your needs: anti-spill pallets, retention floors, shelves with spill pallets, covers for spill pallets, storage cabinets, spill pallets for IBC’s and GRG’s, etc.

Steel Retention Spill Pallets.

All our steel retention spill pallets are welded and subsequently galvanized, which ensures watertightness and resistance to corrosion.

They are high quality steel spill pallets, incorporating details such as baseboards to avoid direct contact with the ground, preventing corrosion. They are durable, designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

We have: retention floors, closed warehouses, drum trolleys, gas bottle warehouses, trolleys, retention spill pallets with side and/or back walls, etc.

Protect your employees and your facilities.

Reducing the risk of fire and improving safety and comfort when handling dangerous and/or corrosive substances.

All our products are manufactured under strict quality control and comply with all applicable codes and regulations. They offer safety in the transfer and storage of flammable, toxic or corrosive liquids.

We have: emergency showers, eye washers, drums for inflammables and steel benches, combined cabinets for chemicals, isothermal containers, etc.

Fuel storage and transport tanks.

A wide range of tanks for the safe storage and transport of oil, gas oil, chemicals etc.

These tanks require hardly any maintenance and allow safe handling. We have tanks of all capacities and manufactured in polyethylene (PE) or metal, double wall, with UV stabilizers. They are light and durable. They are compatible with a wide variety of chemical products.

Gas stations, portable gas stations, storage tanks, mobile tanks for generator storage …

Anti-pollution Equipment.

Inteco Astur offers all the equipment and materials necessary for the prevention and intervention in the fight against pollution.

We can supply all the products related to the equipment to ensure good use and optimum performance.

We have: reels for booms, disc skimmers, brush skimmers, overflow skimmers. In addition to flat booms, inflatable booms, anti-turbidity booms, ocean booms. Systems of rapid deployment of booms, hydrocarbon separators, shutters, etc.

Recycling: ADR approved containers, drums and Big Bags

Tanks, containers, drums, etc., suitable for the recycling of waste in a correct way according to the current legislation.

They are very resistant to adverse weather conditions, chemical abrasions and UV rays.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) provides them with a stronger, more resilient body for long life.

Big Bags, homolagated ADR Big Bags, ashtrays, jerricans, metal and plastic drums, IBC’s, used battery boxes or used batteries, etc.

Foams and agglomerating agents that avoid dust in suspension.

In the storage of bulk materials, especially outdoors, losses by dispersion in the air can be very important, in addition to the environmental damage.

To avoid this we have several products; Foams to wet and adhere the dust particles avoiding propagation during transport and storage. Suitable for conveyor belts above all.

Crusting to avoid material loss during storage and transport. With biodegradable agents that form a thin protective crust. Suitable for storage batteries.

Dust-free roads, an additive that binds dust to surfaces, stabilizes them and adsorbs new dust particles. Suitable for paved and unpaved roads.

Detection of hydrocarbons in water.

At Inteco Astur we try to be continuously at the forefront of technology in our sector and that means working with the latest advances such as this system for early detection of hydrocarbons in water.

Its sensor, which can detect 1 micron of hydrocarbon at 10 meters above the water by means of a UV LED, can make the difference not only in the fight against pollution, but also in prevention, since it can avoid a spill, since it gives the alarm in the first moments, working, therefore, with times unthinkable without this device.

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The Asturian Seal of Safe Mobility recognizes the commitment to reduce traffic accidents in the workplace. Inteco Astur obtains it already in 2017.

Hydrocarbon Detector in Water, Early Warning System against pollution. Detects 1 micron of hydrocarbon at 10 m above water.

First Technical Conference for the Prevention of Pollutant Discharges into the Sea, San Esteban de Pravia. Conference organized by the Nalón Sailing Club in collaboration with Inteco Astur.