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Servicio de Consejero de Seguridad

Security Advisor

The Transport of Dangerous Goods by road is regulated by the ADR and by RD 97/2014.

Every company that carries out operations of transportation, loading and unloading of Dangerous Goods must have designated a Safety Advisor, before the autonomous community where the company’s headquarters are located.

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Based on the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 standard, we are accredited by ENAC, as an Inspection Entity for the evaluation of the quality of soil and associated groundwater (No. 460/EI582).

This accreditation means that we have passed a thorough evaluation process, which demonstrates our technical competence and commitment to continuous improvement.

servicios de emergencias para accidentes medioambientales


The Urgent Intervention Service (S.I.U.) offers comprehensive management of accidents involving dangerous goods and resulting in environmental impact.

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We offer theoretical and practical courses on environmental issues, providing students with knowledge and useful tools for their professional performance.

Our courses always try to be adjusted to the real needs of both the market and the companies.

Environmental Consulting

We have always distinguished ourselves for our commitment to sustainable development and the conservation and protection of the natural environment.

We design different projects related to the Recovery of Contaminated Environments for different types of contaminants among which are.

Industrial Safety

With the help and experience of our multidisciplinary team we respond to the different fields that encompass Industrial Safety, and specifically to various aspects of the National Response System, APQ and SEVESO III.

Productos para la seguridad medioambiental

En Inteco Astur, disponemos de un amplio catálogo de productos para la seguridad medioambiental, nos especializamos en Absorbentes Industriales, este año hemos desarrollado una línea propia de bioabsorbentes.

Estos se fabrican con materiales que facilitan la absorción de aceites e hidrocarburos, con propiedades hidrófobas, y se encuentran tratados en su interior, con bacterias capaces de degradar hidrocarburos. Las bacterias llevan a cabo un proceso de degradación biológica, en la que los hidrocarburos son completamente metabolizados.

Our Products

Absorbents for oil spills, for general use and resistant to chemical products.

We have several types of absorbent available; Granulated and Polypropylene. Although both are necessary to control a spill, for general use the absorbent made of polypropylene fibers (PP) is more efficient, although it has a higher initial cost, due to the difference in the cost of waste management. We also have complete Spill Kits for emergencies.

Spill Kits are the most convenient option in the event of a spill.

They have absorbents dof various formats, to facilitate their use in case of accidental spillage. In bags, watertight boxes, cabinets or containers, with or without wheels. All the absorbent formats you may need, in one place, stored and accessible to be able to act quickly and efficiently in case of spillage or leakage.

Custom-made kits: we can design the kit according to your needs.

Download the Emergency Plan

Polyethylene Spill Pallets.

Our wide range of products made of high and medium density rotomolded polyethylene (PE) with UV stabilizers.

They are lightweight, rugged, durable and compatible with a wide variety of chemicals. Many options according to your needs: spill pallets, retention floors, spill pallet shelves, spill pallet covers, storage cabinets, IBC spill pallet, etc.

Download the new spill pallets catalog.

Steel Spill Pallets.

All our steel spill pallets are welded and then galvanized, which ensures watertightness and corrosion resistance.

They are made of high quality steel, incorporating details such as skirting boards to avoid direct contact with the ground, preventing corrosion. They are durable and are designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

We have available: retention floors, storage warehouses, drum trolleys, gas bottle storage, trolleys, spill pallets with side and/or rear walls, etc.

Protect your employees and your facilities.

Reducing the risk of fire and improving safety and comfort when handling hazardous and/or corrosive substances.

All our products are manufactured under strict quality control and comply with all applicable codes and regulations. They offer safety in the transfer and storage of flammable, toxic or corrosive liquids.

We have: emergency showers, eye wash, steel drums for flammable and bench drums, combined cabinets for chemicals, isothermal containers, etc.

Fuel storage and transportation tanks.

A wide range of tanks for safe storage and transportation of crude oil, diesel fuel, oil, chemicals, etc.

These tanks require little maintenance and allow safe handling. We have tanks of all capacities and manufactured in polyethylene (PE) or metallic, double walled, with UV stabilizers. They are light and durable. Compatible with a wide variety of chemical products.

Gas stations, portable gas stations, storage tanks, mobile tanks for generator storage…

Antipollution equipment.

Inteco Astur offers all the necessary equipment and materials for the prevention and intervention in the fight against pollution.

We can supply all products related to the equipment to ensure proper use and optimal performance.

We have available: reels for booms, Disc skimmers, brush skimmers, overflow skimmers. As well as flat booms, inflatable booms, silt booms, oceanic booms. Rapid boom deployment systems, hydrocarbon separators, drain blockers, etc.

Recycling: Containers, drums and ADR approved Big Bags.

Tanks, containers, drums, etc., suitable for waste recycling in accordance with current legislation.

These products are highly resistant to adverse weather conditions, chemical abrasions and UV rays.

High density polyethylene (HDPE) provides a stronger and more resistant body for a longer service life.

Big Bags, ADR Big Bags, ashtrays, jerricans, metal and plastic drums, GRG containers, battery collection boxes, etc.

Foams and binders that prevent dust particles.

In the storage of bulk materials, especially outdoors, losses due to air dispersion can be very significant, in addition to the environmental damage.

To avoid this, we have several products available; Foams to moisten and adhere the dust particles avoiding the propagation during transport and storage. Especially suitable for conveyor belts.

Crust to avoid material loss during storage and transport. With biodegradable agents that form a thin protective crust. Suitable for storage piles.

Dust-free roads, an additive that binds dust to surfaces, stabilizes them and adsorbs new dust particles. Suitable for paved and unpaved roads.

Hydrocarbon detection in water.

At Inteco Astur we try to be continuously at the forefront of technology in our sector and that means working with the latest advances such as, for example, this system for early detection of hydrocarbons in water.

Its sensor, which can detect 1 micron of hydrocarbon at 10 meters above the water by means of a UV LED, can make the difference not only in terms of pollution control, but also in terms of prevention, since it can prevent a spill by giving the alarm as soon as possible, thus working in times that would be unthinkable without this device.

cursos de marino

Working for the control and prevention of pollution

We are a company with more than 22 years of experience in the Industrial Sector, specialized in the development of services and products to control and prevent pollution.

Among our services we could highlight the Urgent Intervention Service, which aims to assist the industry in cases of incidents involving hazardous substances, trying to give a quick and effective response, to minimize both economic and environmental damage.

We have a large team of professionals with experience in the sector; chemists, biologists, engineers, safety advisors, etc.

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