Inteco Astur supports the campaign to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the two international human rights covenants and recalls the appointment of Louise Arbor (United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights).

“The importance of economic, social and cultural rights can never be stressed enough. Poverty and exclusion hide behind many of the security threats we continue to face both at the national and international levels and, therefore, Even in the most prosperous economies, poverty and gross inequalities persist, and many groups and individuals live in conditions that prevent them from enjoying economic, social, civil, political and economic rights. Social and economic inequalities have an impact on access to public life and justice Globalization has led to higher rates of economic growth, but not all societies, nor all In the face of these challenges so important to human security, it is necessary not only to act at the national level Cooperate at the international level. Louise Arbor, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (Geneva, 14 January 2005).