Seven spanish autonomous communities failed in natural-protecction programmes

Seven spanish autonomous communities failed in natural-protecction programmes

Next 21th of May we celebrate the European Natura 2000 Day, and WWF´s organization has provided a ranking about the development in autonomous community eco-management.

The ´Naturómetro 2016´ report analyzes the content of 312 eco-management plans of the network of protected areas Natura 2000 in Spain, and that report warns of failures in the European rules: in general terms, that rules are not strategically operative enough and they are under-financed.

Galicia, Andalucía, Cantabria y Madrid rank the forth last positions. País Vasco, Baleares, Comunidad Valenciana y La Rioja are in the top. Asturias is in a warning situation, with insufficient plans which fail in the definition of objectives about habitat and species conservation, and non-specific measures without an estimated budget.

WWF recognizes the progress in approving almost 60% of Natura 2000 eco-management plans, but also denounces that 700 Natura 2000 spaces have no protection plan. The European Commission is going to penalize Spain with an economic sanction because of breaching the protection programmes.

WWF launched a call to “Turn Up the Volume of Nature

This initiative spreads all across Europe inviting people to reconnect with the sounds of nature creating their own animal song, asking politicians to respect, improve and take action to ensure the protection of many natural habitats and species that are still under threat.