Forest fires: one of the great problems we have to face in xxi century

Forest fires: one of the great problems we have to face in xxi century

High temperatures, the shortage of rainfall and human actions are the main cause of forest fires. In order to remember the victims, thank and support who fights the fire and raise awareness about this problem, we celebrate every year since 1998 the International Firefighters’ Day, when 5 firefighters lost their lives in Linton, Canada.

Some reports warn about the situation in Spain:

  • Forest fires are increasing in number, more shocking and intensive. WWF notes that 16,500 fires take place every year.
  • Humans cause most of the fires: more than the 90% are induced direct or indirectly, intentionally or
  • Only 1,5% of guilty people of fires are identified and condemned.
  • There are no transparent and systematize public information. These budget concern to the Autonomous Communities, and they are required under law to report this data; even so, only three out of the seventeen have sent all the information of 2001-2013.
  • Lack of management and risk prevention plans. Due to WWF reports, 76% less has been assigned to these plans than previous years. If we invest in prevention, we will save in extinction: it would be possible to reduce to 50% the damage generated by fires with appropriate actions.
  • The 94% of the most damaged regions are located in Galicia and Asturias.

Forests are not a valued issue by the market, but we should consider that they provide quality water in our town and they capture CO2 constantly, creating clean and fresh air and decontamination.

Think about our forest before they burn.