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Maritime – Port

By hiring the maritime S.I.U. we offer compliance with legal requirements by preparing a Port Maritime Plan (Plan Interior Marítimo), and performing all the necessary decontamination services.

S.I.U. Maritime – Port

Governmental authorities, companies and other potentially contaminating entities must be prepared to respond quickly to any possible contingencies.

Any contamination inside a port or in its area of influence will require an immediate response, and therefore, a Maritime Port Plan to combat any accidental marine pollution must be prepared and approved in accordance with current legislation.

Under Inteco Astur’s maritime Urgent Deployment Service, this response will be provided in compliance with the requirements outlined in current legislation under RD 253/2004 and RD 1695/2012 based on our PICCMA (Accidental Maritime Contamination Contingency Plan).

At a strategic point, agreed with the port authority, we shall install an emergency storage area stocked with the necessary material in order to be able to act effectively in the event of any contaminating spills in the sea – port. The content of the said storage point will adapt to the customer’s needs:

  • Hydrophobic absorbent booms.
  • Hydrophobic absorbent rolls.
  • Hydrophobic granulated organic absorbent.
  • Specific gloves for hydrocarbons.
  • Antistatic loaders.
  • 200 l drum to store waste.
  • ADR approved Big-bags.
S.I.U. Maritime – Port

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