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We conduct a prior assessment where are study and detect critical points that are likely to become a source of contamination and, thus, act accordingly. We provide integral waste management.

S.I.U. Industry

In various industrial sectors and activities incidents occur on a daily basis that generate pollution: broken machinery, leakages, overflows…

The Urgent Deployment Service performs a prior assessment to detect and study critical points that are susceptible to becoming a source of pollution with a view to eliminating them or minimising their possible extent as far as possible.

The maintenance tasks performed include:

  • The prevention and control of industrial spills,
  • The treatment of land to prevent filtrations to the subsoil and others,
  • Such as the prevention and control of spills by monitoring pipes, treatment systems and discharge points to channels, ports or public drains…

Once we know the high-risk points at a facility, we can calculate the materials required to deal with a possible emergency effectively and place them in the appropriate location. In addition to offering proposed recommendations to implement and optimize the operation of the facilities, we also provide environmental protection and industrial safety.

S.I.U. Industry

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