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Waste Management and comprehensive Management of S.S.

By means of customised services, we offer technical advice on environmental issues for the correct withdrawal and management of waste products. In addition, we provide a range of services that adapt to the needs of our customers, such as in the case of Service Stations.

Waste management

We provide a responsible waste management system. Based on customised services, we offer technical advice for the correct removal and management of waste products, the formalities required for them to be accepted by COGERSA and we provide the Control and Follow-up documents. INTECO ASTUR always tries to declassify hazardous waste, recycle it and provide added value. This is the best alternative from an environmental point of view. In addition, we prepare Waste Minimisation Plans that you can implement at your facilities.

INTECO ASTUR is currently registered in the Waste Production and Management Register of the Principality of Asturias. This enables us to manage more than 25 different types of waste products. Request information and/or advice without any obligation.


Waste management

Comprehensive management of Service Stations

In order to provide the comprehensive management of service stations, we have a number of services available, which can be adapted to our customers’ requirements.

  • Drafting of IPS (Preliminary Situation Reports) in accordance with the provisions set out in RD 9/2005.
  • Characterization of soil quality: investigation of critical points susceptible to contamination of the soil and groundwater.
  • Piezometric network control.
  • Maintenance and implementation services: annual contract for the decontamination of service station paving. 2 visits per year are performed, which include:
    • The decontamination of the paving, isles and perimeter drains in 6 hour shifts (1 team consisting of 2 workers and the necessary material).
    • Supply of 200 L of organic absorbent for maintenance purposes and to collect spills.
    • Supply to an extraction system to remove oil from the separator and that can total up to 80 L every six months.
    • 220 litre drum to store waste generated by the organic absorbent for pavements and the management of oil extracted from the separator.
    • Management of all waste generated during the service.
    • Includes the Urgent Deployment Service in the event of accidents involving various dangerous goods.
Comprehensive management of Service Stations

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