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Logbook: Follow day by day the news, developments, concerns, reflections that make us as we are…With lots of heart caring for the Environment!


This June we will celebrate World Environment Day. It is the most important annual event to promote action in favor of the environment and commemorates the importance of conserving it in order to boost our development. The purpose is to generate actions and sensitize the world in the care of the same. The day was … Continue reading JUNE, ENVIRONMENT MONTH!

SMOPYC 2017 Fair

Inteco Astur will be at SMOPYC 2017 in Zaragoza from 25 to 29 April. Come and visit us at Pavilion 6, I Stand 18.


In order to get the wetlands back, we need everyone to collaborate, do you sign up? Wetlands are one of the most productive environments in the world, cribs of biological diversity and sources of water and primary productivity of which countless plant and animal species depend to survive. Do you know the importance of wetlands? … Continue reading WORLD WETLAND DAY


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