This June we will celebrate World Environment Day. It is the most important annual event to promote action in favor of the environment and commemorates the importance of conserving it in order to boost our development. The purpose is to generate actions and sensitize the world in the care of the same.

The day was established by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1972 to coincide with the first global summit on the environment. Today it is commemorated in over 100 countries and is celebrated on June 5 of each year.

It is an opportunity to sign or ratify environmental agreements that allow the creation of structures for the proper management of environmental and economic policies in the member countries of the UNO.

Every year a theme is chosen as the central axis of the celebration worldwide. “Connecting people with nature”, the theme of World Environment Day 2017, encourages us to go out into the open and into nature to appreciate its beauty and its value, and to call for the protection of the Earth .

The host country for World Environment Day, where official celebrations take place, varies every year. This corresponds to Canada, which as part of the festivities, will offer free tickets to its national parks throughout the year 2017.

It aims to “work throughout the year in the implementation of policies, economic models, and organizations that allow to attack in a positive way the selected theme.”

It is an opportunity to obtain solutions, to regenerate the culture of consumers and a more sustainable society, where everyone can have food to live and at the same time respect the regenerative capacity of the planet.

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