Take awareness about wildlife in the world!

Day 3 celebrates the World Day of Nature.

It seems that we all agree on the beauty and variety of wild flora and fauna that exists in nature and the multitude of benefits that the conservation of these life forms have for humanity.

However, not all human beings contribute to such conservation. From its origins, the human being has always tried to know the nature, since that depended its survival, but it has not always been able to measure the consequences of its acts, reason why the survival of many animals is more and more worrying. The human being, directly or indirectly, is causing the balance between species to be seriously threatened. Therefore, we must all reflect to change our daily habits, taking care of our natural resources, in this way we will be reducing our environmental impact and protecting the life of other species.

Children are the future of our planet! So, help your children, grandchildren, nephews, … to awaken their curiosity and respect for nature and conscience of the need to preserve them.

What can we do?

1. Let’s go hiking to some natural park, zoo, gardens … Identify trees, animals, birds trills, …

2. Care for a plant or a seed, let them be the “gardeners”!

3. Encourage them to discover an unusual animal they do not know.

4. Films with environmental values.

If we join forces, we can mitigate the serious threats to wildlife!