In order to get the wetlands back, we need everyone to collaborate, do you sign up?

Wetlands are one of the most productive environments in the world, cribs of biological diversity and sources of water and primary productivity of which countless plant and animal species depend to survive.

Do you know the importance of wetlands?

The resource is water. 88% of the planet’s water is salty, and only 12% is sweet, of which 8% is frozen, 3.9% is underground and only 0.1% is available to humans.

The scarce fresh water available is found in wetlands.

Wetlands are the habitat of numerous species of animals and plants. Many of these species are threatened or on the verge of extinction.

One study after another shows that the surface and quality of wetlands are declining in most regions of the world. Maintaining diversity and quality of these is necessary, not only to preserve biodiversity, but also to ensure the maintenance of essential ecological processes.

Join the wise use of wetlands.