2015 will end in the North Pole with temperatures nearly 30 degrees Celsius above what is customary, according to predictions from agencies such as the United States Atmospheric and Ocean Administration (NOAA) or the UK Met Office Office).

What’s happening?

The vulnerability of the marine ecosystem

CO2 threatens the sea balance due to the decrease in pH. This process called acidification has very unfavorable consequences for marine ecosystems.

The decrease in pH affects oceanic plankton and corals and bivalves, which alter their cellular mechanisms of basic functioning.

A CSIC study confirms the “high vulnerability” of the Mediterranean to acidification.

Climate change is threatening the future of the seas and oceans, let’s not forget them!

Document CSIC

43 years watching over the environment !: IT’S YOUR WORLD. YOU CAN BE THE CHANGE

The main United Nations agency after 43 years of existence, continues to look after the environment and care about preserving our world.
Thanks to the work of UNEP we will become more aware and achieve a more lasting planet.
It is your world, it is our world. You also can. Do not forget to watch the video … It will make you think!


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