S.I.U. Coastal recovery

S.I.U. Coastal recovery

Our company is noted for being an expert in the Full Recovery of coastal strips after pollution incidents that have a considerable effect on coastal areas: sandy ground and rocks, structures and breakwaters…

Depending on the scale of the emergency, we design different recovery procedures; always taking into account the provisions established under the legislation in force:

  • Protection of the coastline and of beaches through the installation of booms.
  • Manual recovery of sandy areas.
  • Recovery of defence structures: ports and breakwaters.
  • Decontamination of affected areas, taking into account the different types of zones.
  • Hand cleaning of sites with ecological value.
  • Environmental Monitoring and Control Programme (PVCA).
S.I.U. Industry

S.I.U. Industry

In various industrial sectors and activities incidents occur on a daily basis that generate pollution: broken machinery, leakages, overflows…

The Urgent Deployment Service performs a prior assessment to detect and study critical points that are susceptible to becoming a source of pollution with a view to eliminating them or minimising their possible extent as far as possible.

The maintenance tasks performed include:

  • The prevention and control of industrial spills,
  • The treatment of land to prevent filtrations to the subsoil and others,
  • Such as the prevention and control of spills by monitoring pipes, treatment systems and discharge points to channels, ports or public drains…

Once we know the high-risk points at a facility, we can calculate the materials required to deal with a possible emergency effectively and place them in the appropriate location. In addition to offering proposed recommendations to implement and optimize the operation of the facilities, we also provide environmental protection and industrial safety.

Waste management

Waste management

We provide a responsible waste management system. Based on customised services, we offer technical advice for the correct removal and management of waste products, the formalities required for them to be accepted by COGERSA and we provide the Control and Follow-up documents. INTECO ASTUR always tries to declassify hazardous waste, recycle it and provide added value. This is the best alternative from an environmental point of view. In addition, we prepare Waste Minimisation Plans that you can implement at your facilities.

INTECO ASTUR is currently registered in the Waste Production and Management Register of the Principality of Asturias. This enables us to manage more than 25 different types of waste products. Request information and/or advice without any obligation.


S.I.U. Maritime – Port

S.I.U. Maritime – Port

Governmental authorities, companies and other potentially contaminating entities must be prepared to respond quickly to any possible contingencies.

Any contamination inside a port or in its area of influence will require an immediate response, and therefore, a Maritime Port Plan to combat any accidental marine pollution must be prepared and approved in accordance with current legislation.

Under Inteco Astur’s maritime Urgent Deployment Service, this response will be provided in compliance with the requirements outlined in current legislation under RD 253/2004 and RD 1695/2012 based on our PICCMA (Accidental Maritime Contamination Contingency Plan).

At a strategic point, agreed with the port authority, we shall install an emergency storage area stocked with the necessary material in order to be able to act effectively in the event of any contaminating spills in the sea – port. The content of the said storage point will adapt to the customer’s needs:

  • Hydrophobic absorbent booms.
  • Hydrophobic absorbent rolls.
  • Hydrophobic granulated organic absorbent.
  • Specific gloves for hydrocarbons.
  • Antistatic loaders.
  • 200 l drum to store waste.
  • ADR approved Big-bags.
S.I.U. Land

S.I.U. Land

The transport of dangerous goods by land is regulated under the provisions of the ADR (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) and RID (Regulation concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Rail). An important aspect of these agreements refers to the obligations and responsibilities of each of the parties involved in the operations, in order to seek to avoid injuries and to protect the environment.

The Urgent Deployment Service (U.D.S.) provides a fast, efficient and safe response to prevent or minimize the extent of any damage caused by spills or discharges of hazardous products.